17 Creations from Things You Might Otherwise Throw Out

The concept of refurbishing has been around for forever. Nevertheless, the list of things that can be revived into something useful or pretty keeps on growing. Take another look at whatever junk you have laying around, and instead of throwing it out, throw it together and make something new!

1. Birdhouse

Old leather boots don’t have to be dumpster fillers. Let the birds enjoy them while looking great in the process.

2. Garden lights

3. Lampshades

That’s right. Your ordinary plastic bags.

4. Table organizer

5. Piggy bank

6. TV cushion

7. Magazine basket

8. Cute little flowers

9. Containers for odds and ends

10. Outdoor planters

11. Trash can

12. Magazine holder

13. Bracelet holder

14. Pencil case

15. Bag dispenser

16. Mini vases

17. Music boxes

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