How to Hang Your Sweaters Without Stretching and Wrinkling

Folding sweaters and giving them your precious shelf space is something most of us have resigned to. But with all the wrinkles you get as a result, you can’t help but look for a better way. Some people hang their sweaters the normal way, which handles the wrinkles, but unnaturally stretches most sweaters, which leaves you worse off than the other option. So we decided to provide you with a full proof solution to that problem you never even tried solving.

  1. Begin by folding your sweater in half vertically.

  1. Next drape it over the hanger as depicted below.

  1. Moving on, fold up the bottom part of the garment.

  1. And fold each sleeve across.

Done. Now stretching and wrinkling are out of your vocabulary, and banished from your favorite seasonal look.

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