Trendy Fall and Winter Manicures

Manicures have developed into much more than just nail painting. It truly is an art. Luckily for us, manicure trends have come so far, becoming so diverse, that anyone can find their perfect fit. This year, trends aren’t sitting still. You can browse through our collection and choose whatever your heart desires, be it bright and warm, or cold and mysterious colors you are in the mood for. But don’t stop and choosing a color! Pick up a catchy fall leaf design for you ring finger, or a couple clip art style graphics for your middle and ring fingers side-by-side. Don’t be too shy to try something more sophisticated this winter. When it comes to nails, sometimes less is more, as a subtle tone alteration, taking a walkdown through a mild color scheme can be all you need for a pretty little look. Manicures should be done based on season, occasion, complexion, look, mood, and number of other factors, so don’t tie yourself to some mainstream catalogue look – try and find what does it for you, and go with it. Wear it with pride and don’t second guess yourself!

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